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About us

DuESA was founded in Trento and specializes in the research and development of pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic products, with a particular focus on alternative medicine, phytotherapy and spa treatments.
We believe that creating a natural product means starting from the origin of the substances and the scientific rigour of the research that must follow the entire process.
We currently operate both nationally and internationally, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe, Arab countries, the Middle East and the North American market.
We are also licensees, with exclusive sales rights, of several brands that share our philosophy, all strictly Made in Italy.
Together, for a healthier world.
Caring for our skin also means caring for our spirit. This is how our exclusive natural cosmetic lines were born, and in particular our organic line, designed for those who seek a new balance. Our attention to the production process, from raw materials to the consumer, is a guarantee of safety and excellence. We protect your health and nature, using natural extracts from our flourishing land. Join our mission, get rid of all chemical and harmful products that do not respect
your body or the environment. Find a new balance. Get in touch with nature. Embrace innovation.
    Our research staff combines experience and creativity to ensure a safe, effective and innovative end product, from supplements to medical devices to organic cosmetics.
    Duesa Pharm offers business consulting in the cosmetics and nutraceutical sector, both to national and international clients, in the analysis and development of projects related to these fields.
  • Private label
    We are exclusive producers and distributors of some of the best known international brands. All in compliance with the strictest and most restrictive regulations of international certification bodies.
    We develop and produce your product, offering maximum flexibility in customising formulations to meet your needs and those of your customers.
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