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Energy bar from 50 g to hazelnut covered with chocolate. Energy bar from 50 g to almond. Box of 40 bars.
Ideal support for physical activity, containing both carbohydrates (33%) and proteins (27%).

The ADACTABAR bars respond to the need to provide proteins and carbohydrates necessary to support physical efforts.
In the hectic everyday life we often risk not having the time to take the calories needed to support the daily physical activity. The intake of ADACTABAR 30-60 minutes before physical activity, while not replacing but only integrating one adequate nutrition, allows to support the effort with the appropriate amount of proteins and carbohydrates.
During prolonged physical activity, our body quickly consumes the sugars and then goes on to look for new sources of energy between proteins and body fat, with mechanisms much slower. In addition to the supply of liquids and mineral salts with products such as ADACTA SPRINT, it
is therefore necessary to recharge also sugars and proteins. Being easy chewable, the ADACTABAR bars can be taken without causing disturbances even during sporting activity, proving the suitable petrol that the our body requires. The use of ADACTABAR allows therefore to continue to support the muscular effort thanks to a strong and lasting contribution of energy.

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Cream in jar size 250 ml.

Two of the most annoying enemies of physical performance in the winter months are cold and humidity, which mainly affect hands and feet. In fact, our body, in conditions of intense cold, tends to “centralize” the blood, recalling it mainly from the hands and feet. The Hand Warmer Cream is designed for all those who stay for prolonged periods outdoors in the winter months and generally tend to have very cold hands and feet.
The action is due to Vanillyl butyl ether, which stimulates the microcirculation ensuring proper blood circulation of hands and feet. Chilli extract in low quantity avoids unpleasant redness or irritation, however rapidly recalling blood to the tissues. Thanks to its natural base, the presence of Vitamin E, shea butter and sweet almond oil and pleasant fragrance, the Scaldamani Cream can also be used as a moisturizer for the entire winter period.

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ARNICA GEL 30 is a remedy for external use to be used locally in case of haematomas, tendonitis, back pain, bruises, distortions, thanks to the decongestant, soothing and calming properties of its components.
ARNICA GEL 30 is a natural remedy for treating traumas and pains, which can also be used on children and recommended for athletes. If kept in the fridge the soothing effect could increase.