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PLACET is a formulation based on highly titrated gingerols in gingerols, to be used as an adjunct in the treatment of nausea and vomiting, thanks to the known anti-emetic and antinausea capabilities of its components.

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REGULAX is a food supplement with Altea and Prugna, formulated to contribute to the physiological regularity of intestinal transit, carrying out an emollient and soothing action.
REGULAX is a supplement rich in mucilage indicated as mild laxative (regulating) in children, pregnant women, slightly dehydrated people, elderly or patients in which it is necessary daily help with intestinal transit.
REGULAX provides daily fiber and contributes to the physiological regularity of intestinal transit, thanks to the simultaneous action of plum and altea extracts. Due to its rich component in REGULAX mucilage it can be useful even when it is necessary to soften the feces in cases of hemorrhoids or anal fistulae to reduce the sense of pain during defecation.