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Pharmaceutical formulation

REGULAX DEPURA comes in liquid form in the 250 ml format.


REGULAX DEPURA contains vegetable extracts useful as adjuvants to the physiological hepatic functions.

How to use

Dilute 25 ml of REGULAX DEPURA in half a liter of water, to be consumed during the day. Shake well before use.


Purified water, glycerol, Dandelion d.e. (Taraxacum officinale extract tit. 2% inulin, root), Acaj Berry d.e. (Euterpe Oleracea tit. 10% polyphenols, fruit), Centella d.e. (Centella Asiatica tit. 2% asiaticoside, herb), Artichoke d.e. (Cynara Scolymus tit. 5% chlorogenic acid, leaves), Pilosella d.e. (Hieracium Pilosella tit. 1% vitexin, herb), Orthosiphon e. d. (Orthosiphon Stamineus tit. 0,1% sinensetin, fruits), Milk Thistle d.e. (Silybum Marianum tit. 2% silymarin, fruits), pineapple flavor, potassium sorbate, citric acid

Good to know

The active ingredients present in Artichoke and Milk Thistle have
hepatoprotective and detoxifying properties.
The Dandelion has diuretic, choleretic and cholagogic properties. The inulin contained in the root acts at intestinal level: its prebiotic action determines in fact an optimal growth of the microbiota.
Pilosella and Orthosiphon have diuretic and draining action. They facilitate lymphatic reabsorption and stimulate diuresis. They are active ingredients of choice for the treatment and prevention of water retention phenomena and they promote the activity of the emunctory organs. Acai berry is endowed with numerous nutritional properties. The high content in fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols makes it useful for the use in diets aimed at reducing body weight.


REGULAX DEPURA is a formulation based on vegetable extracts that exert a favorable action not only on the liver but on the whole organism. The association of purifying plants contained in REGULAX DEPURA promotes drainage, increasing diuresis and hepatic function. The result is a sensation of lightness and well-being.